For Bright Young Leaders, by Bright Young Leaders

The Bright Young Leaders Initiative is a registered non-profit organisation founded for the purpose of empowering young people in STEM and social entrepreneurship. We provide programs that equip young people with skills and strategies to help them invent, innovate and inspire other youth people to bring about sustainable development in the African continent.

our values

When you educate am man, you educate an individual.
When you educate a young person, you educate an entire generation.

BYLI aims to improve the quality of education in Africa, particularly in marginalised rural areas and townships. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. In an effort to improve the quality of education in African Schools, we have created programs that expose high school students and young people beyond that to different areas in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics- STEM. Our projects do not only allow students to excel academically but empower them to become innovative problem solvers within their communities. 


Talent is everywhere, Opportunity is not.

Young people are the largest reservoir of talent but their talent remain unharvested because of the lack of opportunities. The Bright Young Leaders Initiative creates a platform for young people to express their ideas and gain skills on how they can make their ideas a reality.

Connecting the future leaders of Africa

We aim to amplify the voice of existing change-makers through our blogs and podcasts. Furthermore, we want are building a community where change-makers across the African continent can learn from each other and form meaningful partnerships.

Building towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Our organisation is aimed to help achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in their entirety. However we have a special focus  on goal 4: Quality education, goal 9: Industrial innovation and infrastructure and goal 17: Partnerships with other goals. We are active in educating our students about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals so they can start and run their own social projects to help achieve the SDGs.

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