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“We conquered the edge”, says Unarine Mulaudzi

“We conquered the edge”, says Unarine Mulaudzi from Makwarela, a township in Venda. She is the third born in my family, the first one to pass Matric and go to University, breaking generational curses. She has obtained a degree in Bachelors of Commerce in record time at the age of 20. “I make it a joke that its 3 years that turned into 3 weeks” , says unarine. She is now pursuing my honours degree. Her journey to success was not easy, she has faced so many obstacles including fear and depression.

Her journey began on 2019 at the age of 17 after being accepted at the University of the free State. She made it to the city of Bloemfontein with only R1000 in hand,of course she was scared but she did it either way.

Unarine Mulaudzi’s mom is a well known local street vendor that sells vetkoeks ,bananas and atchaar at Makwarela government offices. She reckons how her mother would sometimes wake up before sunrise to pick empty bottles of beer and cans to resell.As young person growing up , she always felt so embarrassed but it was those moments that kept her going and motivated her to work even harder. “I was so depressed thinking that she have to miss the experience of all her hard work. I wanted her to be there see the results of her prayers and all the sacrifices” . Unarine made it possible that she brings her mom down to Bloemfontein although she wasn’t financially stable herself. She felt the pressure hitting her like hard rock, especially for someone who do not even have any allowance to support her. She decided to rent out her graduation gown a few times before her big day, fortunately, she raised enough money to buy her mom a bus ticket and throw her a surprise party just to show gratitude for her support.

” I wish I could have done more to show how thankful I am but with that cake  and balloons her reaction was all I could ever dream of”, says Unarine.

With her story, Unarine wants to inspire a black child that it is possible to achieve their dreams no matter how impossible they might look .

Iwas my own motivation throughout the journey. I remember the words from the late Mr Nevhutalu from Makwarele primary school teacher “You can be the first one , You can be the light “, those words still ring in my mind even today. I am a living testimony that no matter how bad your background may look it has nothing to do with your success. I am proud to say I finished my degree at  20 years , Founder of the registered Non-profit organisation Unarine Foundation, Ambassador for Casual day SA , Crowned Indoni Miss Ubuntu 2019 , Eskom Expo free State Regional judge ,and also a Student leader holding the Marketing portfolio for Commercio UFS and also the Treasurer for Economic and management science Faculty Student Council. I am passionate about giving back to the community, being a role model and an inspiration to the younger generation.

It can only be God that I achieved all this at my age .I know the difficulties my mom faces on a daily basis as a Street Vendor sometimes I had to equally share my Nsfas allowance money with her  but She never gave up .Through her hardwork she left me with no option but to pass . Finally after all the years of working up at 2am baking vetkoeks she got to experience the results on the 22 April 2022 at Callie human University of the free State .

#”Mama I made it “

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