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Fhulufhelo Muvhali defines success at a global MUN in Istanbul, Turkey.

Muvhali Fhulufhelo is a young female from Thohoyandou and also a student from the University of Venda (UNIVEN), she had been invited to attend a Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Turkey earlier on in March this year, her visit to Istanbul and other states inTurkey such as Ankara (capital city of Turkey), Cappadocia, Kusadasi and Pamukkale were very exciting educational trips.

An MUN is a simulation for united nations delegation conferences where United Nations (UN) member states meet to discuss issues of global importance such as Education, Gender based violence, Youth Economic Empowerment (YEE), climate change, wars, immigration and many more global issues.

This young lady is a very humble asset in society, she is a social entrepreneur, a student volunteer at UNIVEN Community Engagement, a mental health awareness activist, an advocate in STEM education and is also the founder of a non-profit organisation, called the Child Upliftment Corner Foundation (CUC) which aims to enhance language proficiency in children by promoting reading for fun at an early stage of life. With these credentials it was no surprise that she was a successful delegate to the United nations conference organized by Best Diplomats.

” I am someone who is always open to new opportunities, trying something new is what makes me aware of what’s going on around me and from that I nobly gain experience,exposure and a new network”, she says.

Fhulufhelo did not achieve her goal of traveling abroad overnight, she worked hard for it. One of the major contributions to her success was her first voluntary experience out of high school, she volunteered for a non-profit organization in her community, the Bright Young Leaders Initiative

She applied to serve as the communications manager and she got the position. Her work gave her the platform to engage and network with other changemakers in society who highly contribute to the impact of STEM education in rural communities. Through BYLI her leadership skills improved as she worked closely with project leaders and made herself available to work in different environments, through these projects she has met many dedicated youth in vile situations but still March on to complete their studies with the little resources that BYLI has to offer. BYLI was the platform that allowed her to spread her wings, she met a lot of inspirational people who have given her the opportunity to venture into their projects as well and as much as the organization works closely with the department of basic education she has directed her full focus into improving the educational system in her province.

She encourages young people to be active volunteers in society, a lot of organizations put out vacancies for youth to get involved in different projects. Opportunities like these do not only improve one’s resume but they also improve one’s intellectual skills, knowledge can’t be stolen norr can it be transferred hence it’s important for youth to get involved in as much as they can while they still can. Fhulufhelo’s achievements and academic background can be viewed on her LinkedIn profile (Muvhali Fhulufhelo) through following this link https://www.linkedin.com/in/muvhali-fhulufhelo-9081271b4.

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