BYLI hosts the Science and innovation challenge again!!

By Muvhali F

On Friday, 21 May 2021,BYLI partnered with mr Phalandwa (Department of basic education) together with personnel from the University of Venda and the Vuwani science center to host and coordinate the second annual Science and Innovation event in the Vhembe district, Limpopo province. 

This is a platform where high-school students from rural areas come together to expand and share their knowledge after coming up with innovative ideas to solve scientific problems in their respective communities.

Several schools from within and outside the Vhembe district had their learners  participating in this event, we had learners from Mbilwi high school and some from further schools such as E.P.P Mahinga secondary from Malamulele.

This time around, 30  young bright students showcased their projects in the final round and amazing prizes such as calculators, laptops and medals were up for grabs.The team had eagerly waited for this day and the excitement in the air could be felt. 

The team had well trained  judges and the learners slightly had an idea of what the experience would be like since the team hosted interschools competitions to select only a few bright learners for the final round. 

This competition is not only about going there to win a medal,laptop or a fully paid scholarship to attend the London International Science Fair, it is more than that. Learners get to network, share ideas and learn more about what other problems people from around the world are facing and how they could overcome and improve such situations.

We had 3 overall winners whom took home brand new laptops and calculators along with gold medals, from left to right we have Hlanganiso Mathebula, Ndzalama Adoration and Letlalo Ronewa.

It gives us great pleasure to announce our top 10 Gold medal winners from the first position to the tenth, we have Ndzalama Adoration, Letlalo Ronewa, Hlanganiso Mathebula, Shibambu Wisani, Hlongwane Promise, Mulweli Sithomola, Netsianda Mukholwi, Chauke Amanda, Vutivi Hyathi and last but not least Mudau Denzhe.

We are proud to say that the event was a success and it’s quite amazing how these learners were competent and enthusiastic to such a great exposure, now our goal is to expand and host another success of an event this time next year.

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